Title 13

I want someone who sees adventure in me

And isn’t scared when 

They get to the crashing oceans and 

The colliding mountains 

But they’re exhilarated with each passing breath 
I want more than weather conversations 

With my morning tea

I want to be kissed with such warmth the sun seems cold
I don’t want patterns and routines

I want adventure 

I want you 


Title 12

If I were a  book

They’d say I was written for first graders

Because I’m so easy to read
But they would read me in college students 

Because they were just reading my roots

In between the lines you’ll the see the stems

That lead into my blossoms

The blossoms that are my laughs, my smiles,

My joy and excitement 

That came from my roots in the dirt I call my problems. 
If I was a book I would have more sets than an encyclopedia

More words than a dictionary 

More editions than a bible 

And more sequels than Harry Potter
If I was a book I would have pages and chapters missing 

Because when people leave me they take a piece of them with

Some more than others,

But I would remember what those pages and chapters said 

Even if the teacher said not to talk about them

Because those parts didn’t matter or were too much to handle. 

I, the book, would still remember 
If I was a book, I’d be more organized

I would have things figured out

And I would know my outcome 

So maybe I’m more like a rough draft

Scattered all over someone’s desk that they work on in the dark of the night

And that’s why it’s so hard for me to sleep sometimes. 

Maybe that’s it. 

I’m a rough draft waiting to published. 

Title 11

I’ve learned a lot in my few yearsFor instance your closest friends 

Aren’t always your best friends 

The people you hate aren’t always bad

And family doesn’t always love you like they should. 
Everyday we forget,

People are living and breathing their own dreams and nightmares while we cascade through ours 

It doesn’t make us bad for not remembering,

But it should make us kinder.
I’ve learned that some of the quietest people 

Have the loudest stories. 

Those who talk a lot 

Never really have anything to say

And those who speak little

Say the most 
Life isn’t something you want to dare

There are many of times I told myself things couldn’t get worse

And you can bet they did
But most importantly 

I’ve learned that it takes a lot to break a person

But the thing that breaks them almost always ends up being something as light as a feathers touch

It’s the caring hug telling you it’s going to be okay

And they just shatter. 

That’s the most important thing I’ve learned 

People are so strong to be so fragile. 

Title 10

I used to think love was knowing their favorites,

But I wish it was that simple

But love is knowing what routine you need to fix their bad day

It’s so much more than knowing their favorites
It’s knowing that they hate the smell of alcohol

Because it reminds them of the one night their favorite person went too far

It’s knowing that if they smelled it on your breath you could see the heart break behind that smile

It’s knowing that sometimes they just get sad and crawl into bed

And it’s nothing you did
Love is taking the time to listen to their favorite songs a hundred times just to hear one giggle

It’s watching them blossom in their passion because god it warms your heart. 

Title 9

Sometimes I just want to tell you to Tell me about the moon 

And you’ll say the moon isn’t that special,

But what makes it special are all the things that 

Fell in love with it 
You’ll start with stories about how the waves follow its every command

And sometimes people 

Turn into wolf like creatures 

Because their love grew so strong 
Then you’ll tell my stories 

About how the wolves sing to it 

And some people used to dance for it 

Those will be my favorite. 
You’ll tell me the story about how

The sun fell jealous of the moon 

So it took the ability of it to light itself up away

And the sun got to decide how much it shined 
But you’ll follow up with how every phase 

Is just as beautiful before and the sun

Just made it that much easier to love 
But then you’ll tell me your favorite story

And it’ll be about a girl like me

Who fell in love with the moon and how it glowed. 

Title 8

Words are like waves They come crashing and colliding. 

They pull back,

But no matter what you can’t 

Hide that they were there.
But while they’re like waves 

They cut like a freshly sharpened sword 

With just the right word 

You can kill someone and leave them still breathing and watch them fall 

And they’ll stand there 

Still as a wall 
That’s the beauty of them 

But people toss them around nothing 

Like they’re empty

But they’re filled like a grenade 

Ready to explode at just the right touch. 
They can be used to heal too,

But those types of words

They’re hard because people have to believe them

And have you ever tried to fix a sword wound?

Title 7

I want to talk rivers And write mountains 

I want to punch lightning 

And scream thunder 
But I live in a place where 

If you don’t dwell under 

The radar by God 

You’re outsider 
And how I want to be an outsider 

But in a place full of mouth breathers

My rivers would drown them 

My mountains would crush them 

My lighting would burn them

And my thunder would shake them to the core
I wasn’t meant for here 

I was meant for more 

I was raised average 

But became a warrior 

Title 6

I’m a mouse in the morning

And a lion in the evening 

I wake up and I’m so soft 

The light so warm 

Everything is so peaceful 

But then the day starts to come

And the transformation starts

And I grow and shift 

Because nice doesn’t make it through the day 
Our tiny squeaks are meaningless 

So I bring out my lion

You can my hear my roar

I don’t perform in the circus 

I overcome because 

Mice won’t make it through the day

Title 5

Maybe that’s why we listen to our music so loudSo loud we can’t hear ourselves think 

We just get in our car and turn up the volume 

And pretend those pesky thoughts aren’t there.
We pretend we can’t hear our inner voice screaming at us. 

We pretend that those words of hate to ourselves aren’t there 

We lose ourselves in other people’s words 

Trying to find our own
But when it’s really bad. 

We listen so hard we can almost see

The guitar strings bending 

And the chips of the drumsticks flying

Because any words are better than the ones

We day to ourselves in the heat of the moment 

When no one is there to tell us to stop 
We spend so much time hiding 

And distraction yourselves from those words 

So maybe that’s why we listen to our music so loud. To protect ourselves from the monsters in our head. 

Title 4

They were like ocean waves

Except a lot calmer

Just rolling and dispersing 

Nothing to prove 
Except this time I was looking down upon them 

They weren’t looking down on me 

As they cast their judgement 
They can’t reach me with their thunderous shouts

Or hit me with their hot hand that seemed like lightning 

I was on top. 
But God no matter their rath

How they infatuated me.