Title 28

You told me you’d always choose me.

What you didn’t tell me

Was that you’d choose me after everything else.


Title 27

Sometimes when I cry

I think my tears could make

Waterfalls jealous

Because they carry so much more beauty

And damage than they ever could

And when I cry real hard

Volcanoes erupt in my stomach

Because nothing else wants to be in there

Besides the pain I’m feeling

But my head

It wishes it could shut down

Because when I cry

Every bad thing that has ever been

Through my head runs

And it runs wild

Title 26

You ask why I write

I write because here I can make you see

All of the things I’ve ever dreamed of

And you’ll effortlessly see them

My favorite dream to write about

Are the nights

Where it is just warm enough

To walk around with a light jacket draped around you effortlessly

But your toes are bare and pants are too much

These are the nights where the sky is filled with all of the stars

And lighting bugs dance around you

Do you see it ?

I bet you do

But yet you continue to ask why I write the way I do

Do you hear my voice when you read my words ?

The calmness I usually have to muster

Everything is written

But you still hear me

I have so much power with my words

And yet you continue

Why do you write the way you do ?

Title 25

I said “Tell me a secret “

You said you’re my best friend

I thought. I already knew that

But it was nice to hear

I said “Tell me a secret “

You said “I see everything “

Sometimes there was just too much to reply

I thought. Okay why’s that a secret

We all know I’m the meme queen

I said “Tell me a secret”

You smiled and laid in my lap

And I thought, Here we go

I’m getting the “you know all my secrets”

And then you look at me with the brightest smile

And said

“I love you so much “

“No, I’m in love with you and I can honestly say that”

I said “Tell me what you want “

You said “You always ask that and I always tell you I don’t know “

I said “What do you want from me “

You said. I want you to be here.

Through the hard times. I know we fight.

But like you said. I rather have a thousand bad days with you than one good day with someone else.

And I don’t mean hard times with us.

I mean hard time. Life hard times.

And I said. I ask it because you told me I wasn’t what you wanted.

And you responded

“You’re what I want and I know that now”

I didn’t know when I said

“Tell me a secret”

You’d answer all my questions

That eat at me at night

So “tell me a secret “

Because secrets are between two,

But I don’t think I care if this one gets out.

Title 24

Because at the end of the day

You already won them

So why keep trying

Who has time to reiterate lost words

You used to spend miticulous minutes

Writing her each day

When you know

She’d give it all just to lay in your bed one more time

Lost words become. I’m bad at expressing my feelings even though we know

Before she was yours you made it a point to tell her

Every morning good morning beautiful

And tell her how much you liked her

But now that you love her

If she doesn’t text you,

You may not talk that day

And when it was new

You followed her smell to bed each night

Because you couldn’t wrap yourself

Around how you got her

But it’s begging for you to even come to bed with her once a week now

Because night cuddles don’t seem as tempting as they used to and her kisses aren’t as sweet as they were

So it’s easier just crawl in bed next to her sleeping body

And fall into your dreams with her

Because love isn’t doing the little things anymore

It’s expecting the other person to just know if you still feel the same

And being unaware of their constant heart break because in your head people change

But in hers you stopped caring as much

And she doesn’t want to waste her time again

But she fell harder than you did.

And it’s okay because I’m sure you have an excuse,

I mean reason for that too.

You always do.

Title 23

Don’t tell me you hated your ex

Tell me you loved her with a burning bloody passion you felt in every bone

Tell me you thought it was forever

Tell me how you really felt

Don’t tell me you hated her everyday

And it was just convient for you.

I want to know everything about you.

I don’t care to be your first

Because you aren’t mine

I’m worried about being your last.

Tell me everything.

I want to know every secret you carry

So the weight of them won’t be so much of you

And most importantly I want to know

Because I want to know how to keep you

And make sure I don’t lose you like they did

Don’t tell me sweet nothings

When you can tell painful everythings.

Title 22

Breaking up is awful

You lose your best friend

You lose your rock

You lose a part of yourself

I’m so scared of losing you

It gives me nightmares

On our bad days,

But what worries me the most

Is after the storm calms

And our parts separate, what they will

You’ll tell our story wrong

You’ll tell them I was awful

Instead of about the nights

You used to crawl on my chest

And tell me you loved me

So much so those nights

I started to think hearing it

Could get it old,

But it never did

You’ll tell them I was a bitch and I was selfish

But I’d give you my last breath

Just to see you smile

You’d tell them I loved fighting

But the truth is

I only fought for what I loved

And I loved you more than anything.

You’ll tell them I’m crazy

And you’ll be right

But you’ll tell them I’m crazy

For all the wrong reasons.

So if you ever have to

Please promise me

You’ll tell our story the way it is

Not the way that makes it hurt less.

Because I’ve heard you tell those stories before

And I don’t want ours to be one too.

Title 21

Breathing used to be easy

Walking used to be easy

Talking used to be easy

But the air started to feel like needles.

Because I was fighting for breath to stay even

As I choked back the tears

And eggshells started to appear and now

I’m walking on them instead of sunshine

And my words don’t get anywhere, but

Pushed aside to be lost or forgotten

I’m tired

I’m so tired

My body is strained and

My mind is drained

I need you to help me

But you hate confrontation

And you run, and I can’t chase it anymore.

Title 19

Let me start here:

I will thoroughly explain to you, what it is like to be in love.

Firstly, nothing makes sense. Nothing at all. You’re head over heels and it’s all that matters to you. Them. That’s it.

Let’s start with the good, they’re sweet. You laugh. You smile. You have inside jokes. You get to be that couple you saw on the internet and never expected to have a chance at. You make up. Sometimes you just smile because you’re so purely happy.

The bad. The bad is awful. You fight. And you fight with so much effort it burns. It burns your mouth when you speak. You scream and you yell. And you cry and you promise yourself that you’ll never do it again and then you do. It hurts so much. You hate it. You hate the threats. The speeches about leaving if it doesn’t stop. But you don’t care. You’ll keep this over any sunny day with someone else.

The sad. There aren’t many of those times. There’s the usual have a bad day. But when you’re in love you just find that safe place in their arms and it’s all okay. You’re safe.